Zhejiang Victory Electric Power Fitting Co., Ltd. Is Located at Dongmeng Industrial Zone Wuniu Town Wenzhou City Zhejiang P.R.China, is one of the largest enterprises specialized in producing fittings and poleline accessories in China and had got the certificare of International Quality System ISO9001.

 Our company has products of all specifications and its major products are overhead insulator fittings, poleline accessories, power line fittings, pocelain insulators and so on. The company has a strong technological power, top-ranking production equipments, advanced production process, a complete range of examining/detecting methods and high-efficiency enterprise management mechanism, whose energy-saving and insulating capabilities comply with the energy-saving and insulating standards specified by the country. The company implements the national standards strictly and also makes equivalent adoption of the international standards and  its products are certified as qualified by the Zhejiang Huadian Material Research Institute.

Our company pay more attention to the sales network and after-sale service, our products had been sold to more than 30 countries and regions. Our company continuously introduces the new technology, equipments and high-tech talents to make innovations in quality, technology and mechanism, realize the enduring improvement of quality and the high-standard upgrading of pre-sale and after-sale services, and meet the requirements of old and new customers so as to make more efforts and contributions to the brilliant future of the international electric power industry.

- The electric power fitting mainly is engaged in the high-pressured low pressure line installment.
- The optical cable fitting mainly is engaged in the ADSS/OPCW fiber optic cable installment.
- The foreign trade fitting mainly exports national areas and so on the Africa, South America.
- The posts and telecommunications equipment mainly is engaged in motion, the correspondence, the link line iron tower installment.
- The electric porcelaneous product and the appendix are engaged in this company fitting necessary sale.
- The metal electric wire fitting mainly is engaged in the high-rise construction indoors line necessary, according to BS4568 electricity standard.
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