2017-04-02 1171

Recently, China's state-owned assets supervision and administration commission issued the latest news that China's development of 1000KV ultra-high voltage circuit gold has passed the acceptance inspection, which proves that our country is in 1000KV electric power hardware
Recently, China's state-owned assets supervision and commission released the latest news: China's development of 1000 kv uhv circuit hardware through the acceptance, the results proved that the our country on the 1000 kv power fittings production has reached the international leading level.
The research and development of ultra-high voltage electric power in China has passed the test
For the 1000 kv uhv circuit hardware research is mainly aimed at the actual team ranked interval rods, developed and produced by our country.the more respectively interval rods in various performance tests has completely reached the uhv line using the standard, and on the basis of international power hardware standard has carried on the strict examination test, both in the mechanical properties and electrical properties, more rods respectively interval research has achieved great success.
At the same time, for uhv line hanging string, string tension, and so on with the power of research and development have made great achievements, so Chinese uhv power fittings production levels have level power synchronous with world, reached the top of the world first-class industry.
In the process of the research and development, 8 split conductor of the aluminum alloy material damping rod between research and development is the first time international success, on the aluminium alloy damping rod between 8 division technology, electric power industry in China has reached the international leading level. It is worth mentioning that our country to develop the opening of the combination of equalizing ring and hardware block technology has also passed the detection by the state administration of quality supervision committee and have gone through the industry standard on electrical performance testing, for the China power grid technology has played a great role in promoting.
Believe in "twelfth five-year" period, China's power grid construction will focus on the construction of more than 500 kv uhv circuit structures, released the results of China's high-tech promoted the pace of the construction of the uhv power grid, the construction of demonstrative project of China's 1000 kv power grid laid a stable foundation.