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With the electric power industry is the pillar industry in electric power production, in the formal development of our country has a history of decades, with the electric power production and sales made under the guidance of the power sector
With the electric power industry is the pillar industry in electric power production, in the formal development of our country has a history of decades, with the electric power production and sales under the guidance of the power sector also gradually towards industrialization, we look at some of the fittings now together development and the trend of the future.
Electric power industry development
Since the implementation of the production license of electric power equipment, more than 210 enterprises have been established. Among them, there are 3 foreign-funded enterprises and 410 product units. Manufacturers distribution throughout the country, including jiangsu, zhejiang provinces more than most, accounts for about 1/3 of the total above, enterprise product unit is different, different varieties, production scale difference is very big, annual output value ranging from several million to hundreds of millions of. At present, there are about 30 enterprises with the production qualification of 500KV transmission and transformer, and 15 enterprises producing 750KV transmission and conversion equipment, and 11 enterprises producing 1000KV ultra-high voltage transmission and conversion equipment. These enterprises have strong production capacity and high management level, and are in the leading position of the former electric power. Forensic enterprise obtains the product range unit number, obtain four products enterprise has more than 50 units, with more than 500 kv line hardware production qualification enterprise basically all have four products unit certificate; The majority of enterprises with 3 or 2 product units are environmentally friendly and do not produce malleable iron products. The majority of the enterprises in the 1 product unit are malleable iron products and pretwisted metal tools. Pre twisted type hardware mainly OPGW, match sets of ADSS cable, ten manufacturers, such as existing PLP 1 unit product enterprise also only produce shock hammer or insulated wires form a complete set of hardware, companies such as general scale is not very big.
During the five-year period, the state grid corporation and the southern power grid corporation invested more than 1.4 trillion yuan in power grid, and the high voltage direct current of 1000KV nanyang and jingmen was under construction. The development of power construction has promoted the development of equipment and new products. For example, casting aluminum can be used as die casting process, surface shot blasting treatment, and the material is also expanded by ZL102 to ZL104 and 101A, improving the strength and appearance quality of aluminum castings. Various fittings enterprise on the processing equipment for the 800, 1000, 1250 tons of high pressure die casting machine, 630, 630 tons of friction press, medium frequency heating equipment, CXE type CNC cutting machine, CNC pipe bending machine, cutting 1000 kn horizontal tensile machine and other large equipment, the company's production and testing ability greatly improved.
The electric power industry experts pointed out that the future development trend of electric power products is mainly in the 500KV power transmission line and power distribution line energy saving products. For example, aluminum alloy suspension wire clip, prehinged electric appliance, damping interval rod, pressure ring, energy-saving shockproof hammer and new type of non-magnetic material instead of ferromagnetic materials to make ordinary gold energy saving energy. All electric power enterprises can only increase the input of equipment, adopt advanced technology, improve product quality and enhance market competitiveness.