2017-05-24 1304

As a leading province for new energy generation, the proportion of wind power and light energy generation in xinjiang is increasing, but due to the limitation of power grid construction, new energy distribution channels are being sent out.
As leading province of new energy power generation, wind power and solar power generation in xinjiang to send ratio is constantly increasing, but because of the limitation of power grid construction, carried out the channel from the new energy power generation quota is full, the new energy power generation increased cases of xinjiang, is bound to more transmission lines construction and planning, thus, income is the biggest to electric power equipment, with the electric power enterprise.
Xinjiang power grid enterprise
Central economic conference was closed, the xinjiang uygur autonomous region party committee secretary zhang and total national power grid company chairman is a series of agreements in the discussion, the state grid will accelerate xinjiang new energy conversion rate, promote the development of power transmission project in xinjiang, and increase for 750 kv power transmission project in xinjiang power grid construction investment, to be put into use as soon as possible, to promote the construction of electric power development in xinjiang.
The state grid is about to accelerate the construction of a 750 kv power grid, with an initial investment of 14 billion yuan, and the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2015. In the meantime, the state grid by way of bidding for the large number of excellent domestic electric power equipment, electrical hardware suppliers, 14 billion investment projects makes the mainland power equipment company more competitive.
The xinjiang uygur autonomous region party secretary zhang said that the clean energy of xinjiang not only can satisfy the local use of xinjiang, on the external transport its ability as a large-scale fire or hydraulic power station, from the perspective of the prospect of new energy development, xinjiang's clean energy not only benefit the surrounding areas to be delivered to the outside power supply, and xinjiang surrounding Asian countries may be even clean electricity resources in xinjiang from the external object.
In response, China's power grid officials said that the country's power grid construction in xinjiang requires high quality and high quality power equipment and the support of electric power manufacturers. Xinjiang construction of power grid to be delivered to the outside is not only driven by the economic development of xinjiang and xinjiang region and energy use, more mainland power equipment, as a driving role in the development of electric power hardware manufacturer. The 14 billion xinjiang power grid construction investment is only preliminary planning, investment will be late as the progress of the continue to increase, at the appointed time, the mainland power equipment, electrical hardware manufacturers have become China's power grid group tender object.
As a result, domestic high quality electric power equipment and the electric power equipment manufacturers will surely usher in a new opportunity for the development of the trend. Domestic power hardware manufacturer and it is important to note that xinjiang 750 kv power grid construction of large span out a line area more extensive, and mechanical properties for fittings and electrical performance requirements must be high.