2017-06-09 1448

The successful acceptance of the demonstration project of the 1000-kv, nanyang and jingmen high pressure communication experiment shows that China has fully grasped the core area of the high-voltage communication book transmission technology. Among themthe successful acceptance of the demonstration project of the high pressure communication experiment of 1000 kv to nanyang to jingmente is the core domain of the high voltage communication book transmission technology in China. Among them, 90% power equipment used by the project implementation homebred has fully proved that China's independent power enterprises have to be able to do equipment production needs of the uhv transmission lines, a Chinese manufacturer of uhv power grid has the ranks of the world class manufacturer.
Power equipment manufacturers
Through the engineering practice, the research department released the latest China power grid in view of the new standard in uhv circuit, including equipment and production enterprise standard, it will be for China's electric power equipment manufacturing enterprises and fittings production enterprises have influence.
The 12th five-year plan period is an important period for China's electricity grid development. During this period, China's power grid construction is about to reach an unprecedented new speed. With the power equipment manufacturing enterprises and electric power production enterprises need a new opportunity in this market situation, do a good job in dealing with in strict accordance with national standards of power grid production in line with the technical specifications of the products, and spend a lot of money for the improvement of the independent property rights products and technology as well as the specification, all of this will be a power with production enterprise core competitiveness under the new opportunity.
Under the promotion of the 12th five-year plan, the government has officially launched the 800-kv high-voltage transmission line to the government in Shanghai. When the unit is fully open, the dam can deliver 320 gigabits of electricity to Shanghai and its surrounding area. This is a milestone in China's ultra-high voltage transmission line, which also heralds a new direction for China's 12th five-year plan to build power grid lines in China.
The core technology of the ultra-high voltage line has been mastered, and China's power equipment manufacturers face a reshuffle process. With highly independent property rights and has a strong technology and production capacity of electric power equipment manufacturing enterprises will become the latest must-haves in the "twelfth five-year" period, the original factory established solid step back will be eliminated by times.