2017-04-15 1308

This net news according to the one hundred great battle " key projects, such as unified deployment, municipal party committee, municipal government held yesterday at the corresponding level key project" the second project to start the week "opening, the city was announced at a number of key projects.
Yesterday morning, as the vice secretary of municipal party committee announced Shen Renkang starts, located in lishui economic development zone in the east of zhejiang ceprei industrial expansion blocks, victor electric power equipment such as 5 companies announced at the same time. City leaders zhu Chen, lu wen and wu bingquan attended the commencement ceremony.
The five big industry project land 365 mu, a total investment of 810 million yuan, is expected after the formation of production capacity of 2 billion yuan, respectively is: zhejiang ceprei industrial co., LTD., with annual capacity of 100000 short van transportation equipment industry project, Victory Electric Power Fitting Co.,LTD. with the annual output of 1 million sets of high voltage power line electrical machinery manufacturing project, zhejiang state to fly the transmission equipment co., LTD., with annual capacity of 80000 deceleration machine of special equipment manufacturing, lishui farce Jing metal products co., LTD. The annual output of 6 million pieces of heating radiator fin metal products manufacturing projects and lishui navigation farce industry &trade co., LTD., with annual capacity of 9 million silicone food mold project of chemical products.
Zhu Chen, member of the standing committee of the CPC committee and the secretary for discipline inspection, delivered a speech on behalf of the municipal party committee and the municipal government. He hopes the development zone further play to the unique resources advantages and flexible policy institutional advantages, deepen the platform construction, increasing investment and comprehensive innovation system, being a good example for the development of the city's industrial economy, to make new greater contributions; It is hoped that the relevant departments will actively develop the thought and innovation measures for the development of the development zone, and build the development zone into a characteristic industrial agglomeration area, a demonstration zone of institutional innovation and a modern city mark area. At the same time, we warmly welcome the talented and ambitious entrepreneurs to invest in lishui, and the municipal party committee and municipal government will always provide the best service for all kinds of investors.
In the morning, the main project of the city was the construction of a phase project and the road project of the north road of the city. Chen ruishang, standing vice mayor of the standing committee of the CPC committee, announced the construction of the project. The city leaders MAO zi rong, zhang chunfa, jin jianxin, liu xiuilan attended the commencement ceremony.
Good creek dam water system improvement project is controlled by the channel improvement, new lakes, brake, lock, rivers and river landscape, design a total renovation construction of about 14.16 km long river, main stream weir river, 6.84 kilometers long, project will be divided into three stages, the total investment is 1.647 billion yuan, the total construction period for 5 years.
Chengbei road extension road engineering located in the northwest of the city blocks, the enclosed pale road east, west and faculty road and 50 provincial highway connecting, total length of 773 meters, 42 meters wide, the design speed of 50 km/h, propose asphalt pavement. The main construction contents of the project include road, water supply and drainage, bridge culvert, electric power, communication pipeline engineering and greening, street lamps, traffic safety signs and marking, etc., with total investment of RMB 94.11 million.