2017-07-06 1558

The China Electrical Equipment Industry Association, Chinese Institute of electrical technology Chinese internal combustion engine industry association, Shanghai Electrical Industry Association, China City Gas Association distributed energy Specialized Committee, Shanghai Energy Conservation Association distributed energy Specialized Committee, Shanghai Derui exhibition planning Co., organized by the lungau Exhibition (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. hosted "EPOWER2017 seventeenth China electric exhibition GPOWER2017, sixteenth Chinese (Shanghai) international power and generator group" will be the grand opening at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on May 4, 2017. The exhibition will last three days. Relying on more than ten years experience in the successful operation based on the electric power industry development, links upstream and downstream, attracted 932 foreign exhibitors from 45 countries and regions exhibitors, exhibition area of 43000 square meters, three days a total of 23939 professional visitors from 48 countries and regions worldwide, including 2105 foreign visitors people, the total number of visitors reached 43530 passengers.

Personalized + power industry overall solutions, richer exhibits to meet the different needs of industry users

"EPOWER Chinese electric exhibition, GPOWER Chinese power equipment and Technology Exhibition" exhibits include power generation, substation, power distribution, terminal application, wind, data center, through the exhibition optimization settings will be "electricity production, transmission and distribution, intelligent application" effectively unify, to better link the upstream and downstream industry chain and the market for the industry from around the world, the user provides a set of procurement, inspection, exchange integrated platform.

Three main lines, ten major issues, focusing on energy, Internet era, the construction of data centers and new opportunities for electricity reform

During the exhibition, the organizers will focus on "energy Internet plus power electrical equipment and technology, green data center construction, operation and maintenance of non Road Spark Ignition generator" three major themes, from China's power demand growth in the future, the Internet energy equipment technology, smart grid technology, power transmission and distribution technology, green data center construction and operation and maintenance, distribution network a comprehensive power quality control technology, the key technology of new energy grid, the key technology of intelligent high voltage switch equipment, the application of networking technology in high voltage line monitoring, distribution automation testing technology issues such as real-time simulation, invited industry experts, senior engineers, industry leading enterprises responsible person, new development and new opportunities together to investigate the energy of the Internet, so as to effectively promote the wisdom energy + wisdom + wisdom manufacturing fusion can promote energy depth. Regional structural reforms to promote the development of the energy Internet industry.

China's all electric show will continue to be more professional, brand and international. It will be the best stage for the electric power and energy industry to display the latest products and expand international trade.

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